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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question: Is my computer and phone really dirty?

Answer: We touch many things during the day - handrails, money, gym equipment and door knobs for example. However, the problem is when we touch our phones or computer we then pass the bacteria from our hands to our devices. Cleaning our hands is easy but disinfecting computers, phones and door knobs is not. The average smart phone has 18 times the bacteria of a public restroom floor.

Question: How Does Mobile Klean work?

Answer: Simply scan Mobile Klean over your cell phone, computer or any door knob. Mobile Klean uses ultra violet light to kill 99.9% of household germs. The ultra violet light effectively destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart bacteria DNA and kills it dead. With DNA broken, bacteria can’t function or reproduce, and the organisms die.

Question: is Mobile Klean safe?

Answer: It's 100% safe and has a special guard that only allows power on when the device ultra violet light is face down.

Question: Is Mobile Klean Portable?

Answer: Mobile Klean is very portable and can be used during travelling either in your carry on or in your checked baggage.

Question: Can I use Mobile Klean on my skin?

Answer: No Mobile Klean is for use on devices such as a PC, mobile phone or MAC. You can also use it on a toilet seat or any door knob.

Question: Can I use Mobile Klean more than once per day?

Answer: You can safely and effectively use Mobile Klean as many times in a day as required.

Question: Can I use Mobile Klean in my home?

Answer: Mobile Klean is safe in any enviornment including home, office or school

Question: Does Mobile Klean kills viruses and bacteria?

Answer: Yes Mobile Klean kills up to 99.9% of most viruses, airborne bacteria and mold spores.

Question: Will Mobile Klean take care of mold as well?

Answer: Yes Mobile Klean will kill up to 99.9% of mold and help prevent future mold growth.

Question: How do I care for my Mobile Klean?

Answer: Simply wipe down with a damp cloth and change the batteries periodically.